I Am An Engineer, Are Certifications Worth The Effort?

You can work as an engineer in Canada with just a degree, but a professional engineer certification (P.Eng.) is something that many engineers pursue to advance their careers. So, is this certification worth the effort and cost?  

What Are The Advantages of a P.Eng. 

When you hold a P.Eng. in Canada, you are licensed to practice engineering in the province or territory where you were granted the designation. Achieving a P.Eng. shows that you: 

  • Are legally and ethically responsible for the quality of your work and put public safety above all else.  
  • Maintain the highest level of competence for an engineer, as judged by other engineers. 
  • Are legally able to certify engineering plans. 
  • Continually upgrade your skills and knowledge (ongoing education is required to maintain a P.Eng.).  
  • Adhere to a strict professional code of ethics.  
  • Have earned the right to use the P.Eng. designation after your name.  

The P.Eng. license shows employers and potential clients that you have achieved a certain level of proficiency in your field and that you uphold a certain standard of ethics. There are legal obligations associated with earning and keeping a P.Eng., and it can often allow you to command a higher salary or pursue supervisory roles or teach engineering. 

It is important to note that you can work as an engineer without a P.Eng. but you must work under the supervision of a P.Eng. who takes legal responsibility for your work. 

How To Earn A P.Eng.  

There are four basic steps to obtaining a P.Eng.: 

  • Achieve a degree from an accredited engineering program. 
  • Register as an engineer-in-training with your provincial/territorial licensing body. 
  • Complete two to four years of an internship as defined by the province. 
  • Pass the professional examination 

Should You Pursue A P.Eng.? 

Fees for the process can climb upwards of $1500 and go much higher if you fail and re-take the exam. It also costs a minimum of $300 per year to maintain your license.  

Choosing to sit for the P.Eng exam depends on what you want from your career. If you just want to dive in and start working, you may not need to pursue the designation. You can always go for it later if your goals change. However, if you want to sign off on your own project and have a wider set of options, P.Eng. certification can be worth it.   

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