How Temporary Help Can Benefit You Through the Pandemic

Businesses of all types and sizes have been stretched to their breaking point during COVID-19. By the fall of 2020, the virus had raged across the country for more than eight months. Many companies didn’t make it, and others furloughed workers in an attempt to right-size during the ups and downs of the pandemic.

It’s a difficult time to know when to staff up given fluctuating markets and stay-at-home orders. But you can meet some of the business challenges you face during COVID with a staffing agency. Here’s how we can help.

Save on Overtime

If you’re logging a lot of overtime, a temporary staffing agency can reduce the drain on your bottom line. Given the uncertainty of the economy, many companies are reluctant to hire new employees. There may be enough work to support the growth, but markets are wildly fluctuating, so the risk of new full-time works isn’t something you want to take on. That’s where temporary help can save you money by cutting back on overtime while supplementing your existing teams without the risk of hiring in-house.

Give Regular Employees a Break During the Holidays

This has been a year for burnout. The constant strain of COVID-19 coupled with homeschooling kids and handling a job during a pandemic have pushed some workers over the edge into burnout. Your employees need help and a break from the daily grind. Consider supporting their physical and mental health by adding temporary help. That way, your regular employees can get the break they need to spend some time with their families during the holidays.

Supplemental Staffing for Sick or Quarantined Workers

At the first signs of employee illness, your business should be quarantining workers. But this places a burden on the remaining workers to fill that gap. Consider supplementing your teams with temporary assistance from a staffing agency to keep everyone safe.

Flexible Workforce

Today’s markets require more flexibility in staffing than ever before. Consumer demand shifts, supply chains fluctuate, and other factors have created unprecedented challenges to your business. That’s exactly why you need the flexibility of an employment model designed to ebb and flow with the challenges we are facing today. That’s the important niche that a staffing agency can play in your business.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. Staffing is a difficult undertaking even when there isn’t a global pandemic going on.

We know that flexibility in hiring is increasingly important in an uncertain world. That’s why a staffing agency makes sense. Starting the relationship with a staffing firm like Employment Professionals Canada makes sense as a business strategy.

Our organization can alleviate any of the labour concerns you might have, whether your goal is to cut costs, staff up for production demands, or just give your full-time teams a break during the holiday season. The time is now to start the conversation. We’ll stand by to activate our temporary teams for when you need them. Contact us today to find out more.