Your Facility Should Be Conducting Exit Interviews

You would never hire a new employee without interviewing them, but when a great employee leaves, do you interview them again? Before an employee moves on for any reason, you should sit down with them for an exit interview, as outgoing employees can provide invaluable information you can use to build a stronger workplace.

Exit Interviews Help You Identify Weaknesses

Regardless of the reasons why someone is leaving, great employees may have extremely valuable insights that can help you improve processes, procedures, patient care, and safety. It’s easy to write off criticism from an exiting employee, but it is important to hear out all feedback because you truly can identify weaknesses that need to be shored up for the future.

Exit Interviews Can Help You Identify Strengths

Exit interviews aren’t all about criticism. They can also help you identify strengths. Knowing what your strong suits are will help you make better use of your time and resources, as you’ll know exactly where to direct your energy. Make sure to find out what each exiting employee liked about working for your company, so you know what is working well.

Exit Interviews Help Identify Management Issues

Often, it can be difficult to spot problems with your managers because those managers may be one way with you and another with their staff. However, a constant revolving door from one particular group could point to management issues in that area.  Given that half of all employees leave their jobs to get away from their manager, it’s likely that you’ll find some constructive feedback for managers while conducting exit interviews.

Exit Interviews Help Boost Employee Retention

How can an employee who is leaving help boost retention? One can’t, but if you conduct exit interviews over time and collect and track data from those interviews, you can start to see patterns. It’s one thing if a single employee tells you what the facility is doing well and what needs to be improved upon. It’s quite another to hear the same thing over and over from several exiting employees.

As you identify patterns in exit interviews, you can work to reinforce your company’s strengths and correct your weaknesses, so you can improve the culture and help improve employee retention.

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