Stuck in A Career You Hate? Here’s How to Get Out Right Away

When you hate what you are doing and you want to make a change, finding a new job can be extremely stressful. The need for speed always adds an additional level of anxiety to a situation that is already extremely stressful. Use these tips to fast-track a job change and move forward in your career.

Assess Your Circumstances Objectively

Before you make a career-related decision that you cannot undo, take a step back and look at your situation objectively. You want to make sure that you’re not stuck in a temporary problem that can resolve itself. Be honest about what’s going on at work and make sure you are truly doing the right thing for yourself and for your career.

Don’t Burn Bridges

No matter how terrible your job is, don’t go out in an unprofessional manner. Burning bridges might feel satisfying at the moment, but it’s never a good idea for your future. You need your former bosses to provide references and you never know if or when you may cross paths again. Take the high road from the time you submit your resignation to the last minute of your last day.

Open Yourself to Less Traditional Options

If you are leaving a full-time job, you’re probably inclined to look for a new full-time job. However, there are many other options out there for talented professionals and nurses who might be looking for some freedom and flexibility. Temporary assignments, travel assignments and per diem work can actually be a great career move. These options give you exposure to different types of facilities and help you get clarity on the types of skills you truly enjoy using.

If a full-time search isn’t moving fast enough and you really need a change, opening yourself to short-term assignments can often help you find and land something quickly – especially if you work with a recruiter.

Partner with A Leading Recruiter

Job searches can be long and drawn-out. When you need to move quickly, a professional recruiter can help. Recruiters take the legwork out of your job search, and once they get to know you as a person and as a professional, they can match you with job openings that are a great fit. If you are open to short-term work, not only can a recruiter find you a great opportunity, but they can also help you line up your next contract as your current contract wraps.

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