Help! My Team Is Unhappy!

When your employees are happy, they are productive. When they are unhappy, they are less productive, less efficient and less likely to work well together. If your team seems unhappy, it’s important to act quickly to uncover the reasons why and address them immediately.

They Feel Underappreciated

People want to feel as though the effort they put in each day is appreciated – especially if they put in extra effort. If they don’t feel like you appreciate what they do or notice when they go above and beyond, they will be unhappy. You can fix this problem by:

  • Providing ongoing positive feedback: When someone goes above and beyond, recognize them immediately.
  • Saying thank you: Simply saying thank you throughout the day can do wonders for morale.
  • Peer recognition programs: Create ways for peers to recognize one another. It’s one thing when the boss recognizes achievement, it’s another to know your colleagues appreciate you, too.

They are Underpaid

Talented people know their value in the market, and if they feel they are being underpaid, their morale will plummet. Depending on your role, you may have little control over how staff is paid. Work with leadership to ensure pay scales are in line with the market and if salaries need to be raised but cannot, consider adding in extra benefits – especially time off or schedule flexibility. Those types of incentives can make up for salary differentials in terms of work-life balance.

Equipment and Software Are Outdated

Technology advances quickly and if your staff is using outdated technology or equipment, they won’t be happy. Make sure you are keeping as up-to-date as possible because new tech can help make your employees’ jobs easier and can even improve outcomes.

Updated technology is also very important for being able to recruit and retain younger professionals. If people under the age of 30 see outdated tech, they will likely run the opposite direction.

They Are Overworked

Employees tend to like the opportunity to work overtime now and then if it means more money in their pockets, but if they are constantly working extra hours, they experience unhappiness and burnout and will eventually quit.  When you have a big push to hit deadlines, ask for volunteers for overtime, and then fill in the gaps with skilled temporary or contract staff to help alleviate the burden on your team.

Are You Looking For Great New Employees?

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