Talent Benefits: What You Can Offer Outside of More Money

You want top talent but your budget is tapped out. To achieve your goal, you need to consider talent benefits outside of money.

Financial incentives certainly help companies distinguish themselves to quality job candidates. But, your company can look beyond these incentives to attract top talent. In doing so, you can offer talent benefits that hit the mark with exceptional candidates.

What Talent Benefits Can You Provide Outside of More Money?

Do more than simply throw money at talented job candidates. Here are five benefits you can provide outside of more money.

1. Health and Dental Insurance

Take care of your staff’s health and dental coverage. This ensures your team can go to doctor’s appointments and get the help they need to stay healthy. It also enables your team to avoid spending exorbitant costs to take care of their health. Along with health and dental insurance, give your team time off to go to medical appointments. Show your staff you care about their wellness, and your company can further differentiate itself from rivals.

2. RRSP Plan

Research indicates most workers participate in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)— and for good reason. An RRSP is a great way to help employees save for their future. Plus, you can offer an RRSP plan with employer-matching funds; this allows you to help staff members maximize their savings. Integrating an RRSP into your benefits packages won’t break your budget, either.

3. Remote Work

Allow your employees to work remotely. That way, you can empower workers to complete tasks from any location. Meanwhile, you can use remote work to cut down on your office expenses. Of course, if you offer remote work, you should still take every opportunity to keep your employees engaged. Hosting regular online meetings and other virtual gatherings can encourage communication, collaboration, and creativity across your team.

4. Education Reimbursement

Offer financial assistance for educational programs, so employees can improve their skill sets. You can provide financial aid to employees who enroll in certification programs, online workshops, or other training sessions. Staff members can capitalize on educational programs and use them to become better at their current jobs. Or, they can leverage educational programs to advance their careers within your business.

5. Signing Bonus

Offer new employees a signing bonus as soon as they agree to join your team. The signing bonus can lay the groundwork for a successful partnership between a new employee and your business. It shows a employee you are willing to invest in their potential. Also, the bonus may lead a new employee to strive to hit the ground running — and never look back.

Make Your Business an Attractive Choice for Top Talent

The aforementioned tips can help you attract, recruit, and retain top talent. If you need extra help in your ongoing quest to find outstanding job candidates, Employment Professionals Canada can provide assistance. We offer direct hire staffing, temp-to-hire staffing services, and other hiring solutions, so you can add talent that helps your business grow. To learn more about our hiring solutions, please contact us today.