Why Ghosting Applicants Will Ruin Your Company’s Reputation

Your company wants top talent to join its team. Yet, you cannot hire every qualified applicant. If you are inadvertently ghosting applicants, however, you risk serious damage to your company’s reputation.

How Ghosting Applicants Can Ruin Your Company’s Reputation

Ghosting applicants damages a job candidate’s experience with your company. So, if you consistently ghost applicants, you may encounter a wide range of problems down the line.

First, ghosting applicants reduces the likelihood that exceptional candidates will want to join your company in the future. If you ghost an applicant, he or she may share their experience online. Meanwhile, if you frequently ghost applicants, your business may become notorious for its actions. The result: outstanding candidates may shy away from opportunities to join your company.

Let’s not forget about the opportunities ghosting applicants can create for your industry rivals, either. Ghosted candidates may pursue opportunities with other businesses in your sector. And, if one of these candidates has a chance to join your company or a rival business down the line, he or she may be more prone to choose your competitor.

How to Avoid Ghosting Applicants

There is no need to let ghosting get the best of your business. Now, let’s look at five tips to help you avoid applicant ghosting.

1. Be Transparent Throughout the Hiring Process

Give candidates details about what to expect during the hiring process. Ensure applicants know when you will follow up with them throughout the process. And, follow through on any communications you promise to make with candidates as they move through this process.

2. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Encourage candidates to reach out any time they have concerns or questions. You can provide them with your email address, so applicants can contact you at their convenience. In addition, you can connect with candidates via LinkedIn.

3. Provide Immediate Responses to Applicants’ Concerns and Questions

Do your best to respond to candidates’ concerns and questions as promptly as possible. Ideally, you should strive to respond to these concerns and questions within 24 hours of receipt.

4. Notify All Applicants After a Vacancy Is Filled

Get in contact with all applicants, including those who do not land a role with your company. By notifying an applicant that a vacancy has been filled, you can minimise the risk of creating ill will with him or her. Plus, you can boost the likelihood that this applicant may pursue other roles at your company in the future.

5. Offer Feedback

When you can, provide feedback to applicants who were not chosen to fill a role at your business. Feedback can be valuable, as it helps an applicant understand why he or she was not selected for a particular role. It can even help a candidate bolster their skillset, so he or she can explore new career opportunities.

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