5 Things That Can Hurt Your Job Application

You may submit a job application and feel great about your chances of getting an interview. But, you may be unknowingly doing things that can hurt your application.

Common Job Application Issues (and How to Address Them)

Here are five of the biggest problems that can hurt your job application, along with ways to alleviate these issues.

1. Submitting an Application Through a Job Recruitment Website

It only takes a few seconds to upload your resume and submit it via a job recruitment website. However, since it’s simple to send an application through this site, many other job candidates are likely doing the same. As such, your application can easily get lost among hundreds or thousands of comparable ones.

Oftentimes, it helps to visit a company’s website before you send an application on a job recruitment website. You can then find out if you can apply directly through the business’ site. And, if you apply directly through the business, you can boost the likelihood that your application gets viewed by a prospective employer.

2. Sending an Application to Only a Handful of Companies

You may believe you’ve found your dream job. Yet, there is no guarantee that a company will see you as the ideal candidate for a role. So, even if you submit your application to only a handful of businesses, there is no guarantee you’ll land your dream job.

Conduct research to learn about different companies and the roles they offer. Next, send your application to any business that provides a role that aligns with your expectations. That way, you can speed up the process of earning your ideal role.

3. Using a Standard Resume

Every job is different. Much in the same vein, a standard resume won’t suffice. Because, if you use the same resume for every role, you may struggle to show an employer you have the qualifications to handle a particular job.

Customise your resume to every role. This allows you to tailor your resume based on a job description. Therefore, it can help you show a potential employer why you’re a great fit for a specific role.

4. Lying on Your Application

Your job application should give a prospective employer a good idea about what you have to offer. Conversely, it should not stretch the truth.

Tell the truth in your job application. By sticking to the facts, you can help a company make an informed decision about whether you are the right candidate to fill a role.

5. Ignoring Application Instructions

A company may request certain materials be included in your application. Failure to provide these materials may immediately disqualify you from consideration for a role with the business.

Ultimately, you need to read job application instructions carefully. Follow the instructions and include the proper materials. Furthermore, if you have concerns or questions about the instructions, reach out to the company for assistance.

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