Ensure You Won’t Get Ghosted During Your Job Search

One of your biggest fears as you conduct your job search: getting ghosted after an interview. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure prospective employers won’t ghost you as you search for your dream job.

Tips to Avoid Getting Ghosted During Your Job Search

Here are three things you can do to avoid getting ghosted during your job search.

1. Send a Thank-You Note

Following a job interview, reach out to your interviewer. Thank him or her for taking the time to meet with you. And, let your interviewer know you remain interested in joining their company and to keep you in the loop regarding the job vacancy.

Don’t wait too long to send your thank-you note, either. Ideally, you should send the note within 24 hours of your interview. The note can be sent via email and should be clear and concise, too.

Personalise each thank-you note you send after a job interview as well. If possible, reference something you discussed during the interview in your note. This can further illustrate your interest in joining the interviewer’s company. It can also help you distinguish yourself from other candidates.

2. Follow Up with Your Interviewer

Stay in contact with a company in the weeks following a job interview. Typically, you should reach out to your interviewer if he or she has not provided you with any updates regarding your candidacy within one to two weeks of your meeting.

A follow-up email can be brief. The message should highlight your continued interest in a position. It should encourage your interviewer to provide an updated timeline regarding when their company expects to fill the vacancy, too.

Ongoing communication with your interviewer can help you stay top of mind. It shows you are eager to join their company. Plus, following up with your interviewer can help you find out where you stand in the hiring process.

3. Maintain a Realistic Outlook

Despite your best efforts, a company may stop responding to your messages after your interview. In this instance, you need to move forward in your job search.

Generally, you should follow up with your interviewer at least twice after your meeting. If your interviewer fails to respond to your messages, you can send one final note to ask for clarification on whether a job vacancy has been filled. If the interviewer does not respond, continue to search for your dream job.

Remember, you can only do so much to pursue your dream job. If you do everything in your power to keep in touch with an interviewer, you can take solace in the fact that you did your best. You can also work toward finding a job with a company that wants you to join their team.

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