Spice Up Your Post-Interview Questions

A job interview offers no guarantees. But, job candidates who ask post-interview questions can boost the likelihood of landing their desired role.

Of course, the questions you ask following an interview must be timely and relevant. Otherwise, your post-interview questions can inadvertently do more harm than good.

Now, let’s look at five can’t-miss post-interview questions.

1. How Has the Position Changed Over Time?

Ask about the history of a job. This can give you insights into why a company originally created the position. And, it allows you to assess the evolution of the role since its inception.

Furthermore, you can use this question to find out why someone decided to leave the role in the first place. If the role was previously held by someone who was promoted within the business, it may indicate that the job offers a potential stepping stone for career advancement.

2. Can You Describe Your Company’s Culture?

Listen to your interviewer explain their company’s culture. That way, you can determine if you’re a good fit based on how the business operates and how it engages with its personnel.

When you ask about a company’s culture, consider how your interviewer addresses topics like employee satisfaction and work-life balance, too. If your interviewer ignores these topics altogether, it may be a red flag that their business does not prioritize the needs of its workers.

3. What Are Some of the Challenges That I May Face in This Role?

Learn about challenges you may face if you are hired to fill a particular role. This shows your interviewer you want to plan ahead as much as possible for an opportunity to join their company.

As your interviewer describes challenges associated with a role, think about how you may respond to them. Then, you can share your thoughts with your interviewer. This can illustrate that you can be proactive to solve work challenges.

4. How Do You Measure Success for This Role?

Discover how a company tracks work performance. Ideally, a business will have key performance indicators (KPIs) in place for the role you want to land. Your interviewer may be able to explain these metrics. Or, he or she can offer insights into what the company wants to find in its perfect candidate.

5. Do You Have Any Questions or Concerns Regarding My Qualifications?

Use this question to show your interviewer that you strive for constant improvement. The question allows your interviewer to provide you with constructive criticism. As such, you can gain insights that can help you become more productive and efficient than ever before.

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