5 Reasons to Reengage Your Talent Pool

You want top talent to choose your business over others. To achieve your goal, you need to keep your talent pool engaged. And, if you want to take your talent recruitment to the next level, now may be a good time to reengage your talent pool.

There are many reasons to reconnect with talent across your industry…

1. You Can Reduce Your Hiring Costs.

Rather than spend big to attract new talent, you can rely on your existing collection of quality job candidates to fill roles across your business. This helps you limit your talent recruitment costs.

2. You Can Speed Up Your Hiring Process.

If you are concerned about a lengthy hiring process, leverage your current talent pool. That way, you can engage with job seekers who have the skills, experience, and education that align with your business’ needs. As such, you can connect with these job seekers at your convenience. If you find the right candidate for a particular role, you can hire him or her right away.

3. You Can Keep Your Talent Pool Up to Date.

Reengaging top talent lets you find out if certain candidates have accepted jobs. In these instances, you can remove these candidates from your talent pool. However, you can make it easy for these individuals to reconnect with your business down the line.

4. You Can Maintain Open Lines of Communication with Top Talent.

By reconnecting with top talent, you can show exceptional job candidates that you want to keep in contact with them. There is no telling when a job opportunity may open up at your business that one of these candidates could fill. So, if you provide your talent collection with regular news updates, you can keep them engaged long into the future.

5. You Can Drive Brand Awareness.

Outstanding job candidates may shy away from your business if you do not engage with them over time. Comparatively, reengaging with these candidates helps you foster brand awareness. It shows job candidates that you want to stay connected to them. And, it can help you promote your brand and lead candidates to do the same for your business.

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Reengage Your Talent Pool

Do not hesitate to reengage with top talent. Instead, capitalize on any opportunities to connect with the best job candidates, so you can get the most value out of your talent pool.

If it’s been a few weeks or months since you last connected with a quality job candidate, get in touch with him or her. A brief email can provide an excellent starting point to rekindle your relationship with this candidate.

Lastly, if you need help building your talent pool, Employment Professionals Canada can assist. We offer staffing solutions to businesses across Ontario. Plus, we will do our part to help you expand your talent pool and consistently engage with top professionals across your industry.

Our staffing specialists are available to help you optimize your talent engagement and recruitment efforts. For more information, please contact us today.