When Should You Make a Lateral Career Move?

You may enjoy your job but find your career feels stagnant. Considering a lateral move can deliver you many career benefits.

Simply put, a lateral move is when you take on a  new job, at the same level as your current position but may have different duties. Making a lateral move can bring you new opportunities to learn things you may not have in your previous position.

In addition to fostering career growth, there are many other reasons to make a lateral career move. These include:

1. You Want to Expand Your Skill Set.

A new role can give you opportunities to develop your skillset. In this position, you can develop new skills or fine-tune existing ones. Plus, you can build relationships with new coworkers and superiors, all of whom can help you build the skills you need to thrive.

2. You Want to Become a Jack or Jill of All Trades.

With a lateral career move, you can make your presence felt in different departments across your business. This can help you show business leaders that you can adapt to any work circumstances that come your way. And, it can help you gain the experience you need to transform into a Jack or Jill of all trades. It can even allow you to become a vital member of your business, which may lead to myriad opportunities for career advancement.

3. You Want to Feel Great About Your Job.

If you feel bored or exhausted with your present role, a lateral move can be a terrific option. Transitioning from one role to another in your company allows you to tackle new challenges. This can instill excitement and enthusiasm, to the point where you feel great about what you do for work once again.

4. You Want a Pay Increase.

There may be times when moving from one department to another can lead to a higher salary. For instance, both customer service and sales jobs allow you to engage with customers. Yet, a sales role may provide you with the opportunity to earn bonuses you cannot receive in a customer service position. Thus, if you transition from customer service to sales, you may be able to maximise your earnings.

5. You Want to Avoid a Management Position.

In instances where you want to further your career but avoid a management position, a lateral move may be ideal. This move allows you to seek out a new career opportunity. At the same time, it enables you to avoid the pressure associated with a management role.

Is Now the Right Time to Pursue a Lateral Career Move?

If you are considering a lateral career move, consider your options carefully. Oftentimes, it helps to assess whether a new role will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. You should also think about your short- and long-term career aspirations.

For those who decide to pursue new career opportunities, help is available. Employment Professionals Canada partners with job seekers in Ontario and helps them advance their careers. We can provide tips and guidance as you try to find your dream job. Also, we can keep you in the loop regarding jobs that align with your expectations. Check out our job board to see what positions are currently open.