Common Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

Job interviews can often feel intimidating. You may feel anxious and nervous for days before your interview. But, if you know common job interview questions, you can plan ahead for your meeting. From here, you can decide how you will answer these questions. The result: you can answer an interview question with poise, confidence, and composure and put yourself in a great position to land your ideal job.

What Are the Most Common Job Interview Questions?

Here are five of the most common job interview questions, along with tips to help you answer them.

1. What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

No one likes to discuss their weaknesses. However, doing so gives you credibility. It also highlights your willingness to learn and grow. When asked about your biggest weakness, be honest. And, explain how you are taking steps to transform your weakness into a strength. Then, you can show a potential employer how you are doing what’s necessary to enhance your skillset.

2. Why Are You Pursuing New Career Opportunities?

You have career goals, and now is the time to provide details about them. Use this opportunity to explain how a new job aligns with your career aspirations. Describe how you have the skills and drive necessary to fulfill the specifications outlined in a job description. Offer insights into how you are willing to do what it takes to help a business accomplish its goals as well.

3. What Can You Offer That No Other Job Candidates Can Match?

Every job candidate is unique. At this time, explain what helps you stand out from other candidates. For instance, if you have a strong combination of soft and hard skills, explain this to a potential employer. Furthermore, highlight your skills, experience, and education and how this combination makes you a viable candidate to fill a particular role.

4. Why Do You Want to Join Our Team?

There may be many career opportunities at your disposal. Regardless, you chose to apply for one job for a specific reason. Explain why you decided to pursue this career opportunity to your interviewer. You can share details about how you hope to fit within the company’s culture and team dynamic. Also, you can explain how you can contribute to a business’ success.

5. Why Should We Hire You?

Many companies will conclude a job interview with this question. To answer the question, explain why you feel like you are a great fit for a role. Describe how you can support a company today, tomorrow, and long into the future. Don’t forget to highlight your skills, experience, and education and how it corresponds to the role you want to land, too.

Identify Your Dream Job

Preparing for common job interview questions can help you grow your career. If you need extra help as you seek out new career opportunities, Employment Professionals Canada can offer support. We partner with job seekers and connect them with top companies in myriad sectors. Browse our job board today!