Safety Policies to Add to Your Employee Handbook in 2022

Now’s a great time to revamp your employee handbook for 2022. That way, you can add safety policies to protect your workers against current and emerging dangers.

Here are four safety policies to integrate into your employee handbook.

1. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Your business has changed its operations due to COVID-19. Today, COVID-19 vaccines are available. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. Therefore, your company must account for COVID-19 safety protocols for the foreseeable future.

Develop a COVID-19 safety policy to define vaccination requirements. Let workers know if they are required to receive a vaccination before returning to your workplace. In addition, tell employees if they must wear a face mask on-premises. Your policy should also let employees know if other safety measures are required to guard against contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Furthermore, make a plan to notify your workforce if an employee or close contact is diagnosed with COVID-19. In this instance, you must ensure affected staff members are appropriately informed. Next, you can keep your entire staff safe against a COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Drug and Alcohol

Create one if you don’t already have a drug and alcohol policy. This policy should outline what illicit substances are now allowed on-premises. Also, define the ramifications associated with drug or alcohol use at work.

Keep in mind that cannabis is legal in Canada, too. Thus, account for marijuana in your drug and alcohol policy. As a result, your personnel will understand if your business prohibits marijuana use.

3. Smoking

Consider using electronic nicotine and cannabis delivery systems and vapor products at work. Some employees may use these systems and products day after day. But, you need a policy that lets employees know if and when they are permitted to utilize these systems and products at work.

Many employers designate an outdoor smoking area for employees. This area should be a minimum of 25 feet away from all buildings.

Moreover, you can create signage to let workers know that they cannot smoke on-premises. You should also notify employees about the consequences if they are found smoking at work.

4. Workplace Safety Training

All employees should be required to complete a workplace safety training program. Meanwhile, your business can update its safety training program. This ensures your employees can stay informed about on-the-job dangers.

Create a policy that defines the types of workplace safety training required across your workforce. From here, you can use this policy to provide your employees with appropriate safety training in 2022 and beyond.

Add Safety Policies to Your Employee Handbook Today

Do not wait to add safety policies to your employee handbook. Get started today, and your business can protect its workers against myriad hazards going forward.

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