Hiring Trends to Watch in 2022

Your business wants talent across its workforce. If you understand hiring trends, you can boost the likelihood of attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent. Plus, you can do what’s necessary to distinguish your brand from its rivals. The result: talent will want to join your organization going forward.

Here are four hiring trends to watch in 2022 — and a look at what they mean to your business.

1. Using Social Media for Talent Recruitment

Your company can use LinkedIn and other social media to connect with talent. Doing so can be beneficial for several reasons. First, social networks provide access to talent from around the world. Also, social media is simple to use. It lets you seamlessly share job postings with candidates and engage with them any time you choose. Thus, the sooner you utilize social media for talent recruitment, the sooner you may be able to add talent across your team.

2. Hiring Job Candidates Based on Their Soft Skills

Many businesses examine job candidates’ hard skills. Today, companies are increasingly looking at candidates’ soft skills. This helps businesses determine if candidates are coachable and willing to learn. Plus, it allows companies to identify candidates who can thrive within their organizations long into the future. Assess soft skills as you weigh the pros and cons of adding candidates. From here, you can decide if candidates can work well within your business’ culture.

3. Prioritizing the Employee Experience

Companies want employees to enjoy their work experiences. And more businesses than ever before are doing what they can to make work experiences memorable. Your company can learn about its employees and what they like and dislike about their day-to-day activities. Next, you can seek out ways to enhance the employee experience. You can then encourage workers to share their experiences with others. This helps spread the word about positive employee experiences across your business. It also ensures your employees can promote your business to job seekers, which can help you recruit talent.

4. Developing and Fostering Internal Talent Pools

Businesses can commit significant time, energy, and resources to evaluate external job candidates. Conversely, current employees may be well-equipped to contribute to new roles within their organizations. Your company can develop and foster an internal talent pool. To do so, you can learn about your workers and what they want to achieve in their careers. Moreover, you can establish training programs to help workers advance their careers. This ensures your employees can continuously learn. And you can expand the talent pool within your organization.

Keep Pace with 2022’s Hiring Trends

Watch hiring trends for 2022 and prepare as much as possible. Employment Professionals Canada can assist if you need extra help with hiring in the new year. We offer professional staffing services to businesses across Ontario. Our team can connect you with talent in various industries to fill permanent, temporary, and contract roles.

We are happy to help you upgrade your hiring process. For more information about our staffing services, please contact us today.