Is Your Management Style LEADING to New Team Members Ghosting You After a Few Weeks?

“Ghosting” occurs when someone you’ve come to expect or rely on simply stops responding, as if they have ceased to exist. With new hires, ghosting may occur after a few days or weeks of work: One day, the new hire simply doesn’t show up or call to explain why they’re not where you expect them to be.

A pattern of ghosting from new hires indicates there’s something in your hiring or management style that encourages no-call, no-show behavior.

Here are some of the main reasons new hires ghost their employers and how to adjust your management approach:

They got a better offer at the last minute.

Some candidates keep their job search open even after accepting a position. If they receive a better offer right around the time they start work for your company, they may take it.

Address this type of ghosting by accelerating your time to hire, so that your best candidates have an offer in hand before another job posting can seem more appealing. Involve them in orientation or onboarding even before their official first day at work by sharing important information, so they feel like they’re part of the team right away.

They don’t feel like they fit in.

New hires may ghost after a few days or a week if they feel like they’re the outsider on the team. Starting a new job is stressful, and most workers want to use that energy to focus on learning the work itself, not on learning the internal politics of a new work team.

To stop ghosting due to feeling like an outsider, encourage your team to welcome the new hire. Pair them with team members who can provide information and show them the ropes. Including your team in the early stages of onboarding builds relationships and also shows your existing team members that you trust and value their skills. It can even encourage skill-building in existing team members, as the best way to learn a skill is often to teach it to someone else.

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