Why Every Professional Should Connect With a Recruiter…Even If You’re Not Looking for a New Job This Month

You may not be looking for a new job right now. You might be one of the millions of workers who love what they do and don’t see themselves moving into a new job. You don’t need a recruiter…right?

In fact, a recruiter can become one of your best allies at this point in your career. You may not need help finding a new job right away, but your recruiter can provide other support that helps you thrive in your current role and step into new responsibilities as soon as you’re ready to do so.

Here’s why it makes sense to connect with a recruiter now:

Your recruiter can help you plan your career path.

Career paths are more flexible and less predictable than ever. You may have a wealth of opportunities, but be unaware of some of them or not know which one is best for you. Recruiters specialise in understanding how professionals move through their careers, and they can help you find the path that best suits your skills and aspirations.

Your recruiter helps build your professional network.

Many people first hear about dream job openings through a professional connection, like a current or former colleague or boss. Recruiters take this relationship-building one step further. They make it their role to connect with as many people as they can in the industries and areas they serve. If you’re looking for a new opportunity or merely want to talk to someone in the field that you admire, chances are good that your recruiter can help make the introduction.

Your recruiter knows where the best opportunities are hidden.

The downside to any job search, no matter when you start it, is that you’re often looking only at the jobs that are easy to find. Yet new roles open every day that aren’t well communicated, so the perfect job can slip under your radar. Your recruiter is tapped into news about jobs in your area and field, however, and can help connect you to opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

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