Outsourcing HR Duties vs. Strategic HR Planning

Many start-up businesses grow haphazardly, adding human resources professionals and other expertise only when it becomes needed. At some point, however, every business realises that the as-needed approach to growth doesn’t work at scale. Planning becomes essential to long-term growth and success.

When it comes to managing a workforce, strategic HR planning is a must. Part of this planning is consideration of which HR tasks to keep in-house and which to outsource.

Is it better to outsource some HR duties or strictly stick to in-house strategic HR planning?

Strategic HR Planning

Strategic HR planning is the process of analysing an organisation’s workforce, identifying necessary steps to fill skills gaps and meet staffing needs, and finding the most cost-effective ways to fulfil these goals.

Workforce planning helps companies meet a number of key objectives, including:

  • Meeting financial targets by hiring efficiently and controlling the costs of staffing,
  • Building engagement on your teams through career mapping, training, and other tools to help your existing staff expand their skills within the company,
  • Improving collaboration both between teams within an organisation and with third-party experts, such as a professional recruiter.

A thoughtfully created strategic human resources plan can help your organisation solve problems and reach goals that may otherwise be out of reach for your teams.

The Role of Outsourcing

As HR teams work on a strategic plan, certain pain points are likely to arise. Often, these are related to improving the quality of candidates, boosting training options, or controlling costs while meeting targets for staffing and other goals.

Outsourcing certain parts of HR work can help teams turn these pain points into success stories. For instance, a staffing partner can help reduce both the cost and the time required to find new talent by recommending qualified, pre-screened candidates. Third-party training sessions can help team members engage more effectively with their work while managers focus on other key tasks.

Where To Turn For Help

No matter which HR duties you’re considering outsourcing, one of the best places to begin is to have a frank conversation with a staffing partner who specialises in your industry. Your staffing partner can outline which HR duties they can take on, what results to expect, and how your outsourcing vision may impact your hiring.

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