How Hiring a Payroll Firm Benefits Smaller, Growing Companies

As a small company grows, new problems arise. One of these is ensuring that payroll and HR tasks are completed on time. Payroll work is detail-heavy and often time-consuming, but it’s also essential.

One way to address payroll issues in a period of growth is to hire a payroll/HR firm.

When Do You Need a Payroll/HR Firm?

Not every small company needs a payroll firm. Yet many can benefit from a payroll firm’s expertise even before they realise just how important this team member can be.

Your company might need a payroll/HR firm if:

  • Your current team can’t get other essential tasks done because payroll requires so much of their time and attention.
  • You’re seeing mistakes in recent payrolls – and the additional time cost of correcting those mistakes.
  • Your company hired several new employees recently or is about to hire a large number of new team members.
  • You find new payroll legislation and regulations confusing or overwhelming to implement.

Organisations that do payroll in-house frequently benefit from hiring a payroll/HR firm, and those that hire one sooner in their growth benefit more than those who wait. Even when the routine tasks of payroll are outsourced, however, a payroll firm can coordinate these efforts and ensure that the growing business remains compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Where Do You Find a Payroll Firm?

As with many new challenges in a growing company, the question “What do we need? Is often followed by “And just where do we find that?”

In the case of payroll firm, speaking to your staffing partner is a great place to start. Recruiters specialise in understanding the pain points a growing business may face, and they strive to connect these companies to the people who have the skills the business needs today and will need as it continues to expand.

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Company growth is a great thing, but it also comes with challenges. In order to find and hire the right people at the right times, many companies benefit from working with a payroll/HR partner. The team at Employment Professionals Canada can help you add the right skills and capabilities to your team to keep your business growing. Contact us today to learn more.