3 Easy Tips to Prevent Ghosting During the Hiring Process

“Ghosting” occurs when someone you’ve been talking to simply disappears. The term was coined in the dating realm, where two people might seem to hit it off, but one suddenly stops responding to the other’s messages. Yet it’s also relevant in hiring, where one candidate might suddenly stop responding during the hiring process.

Being ghosted by a candidate can make hiring managers feel out of control. Yet you can take steps to reduce the chances you get ghosted.

Here are three ways to keep the connection strong:

1. Don’t be mistaken for the “ghoster.” 

Many candidates drop out of the hiring process because they believe the employer dropped out first. Often, this belief is justified, based on a lack of communication from the employer. The candidates sees themselves as the “ghostee,” not the ghoster.

Don’t make candidates feel rejected by mistake. Create a communication plan and stick to it. Even if you have nothing to report, simply letting the candidate know they are still in consideration will help them feel as if they haven’t been left hanging.

2. Strive for transparency.

Candidates are also more likely to ghost if they feel that the commitment to communication and transparency isn’t equal on both sides. If a candidate has provided information and received none, they may conclude that “the employer is just not that into me” – and cut ties before they get further entangled in an unequal relationship.

Commit to sharing information at the same rate as your candidates. Doing so will build trust and help candidates see that you are genuinely interested in a connection.

3. Work with a staffing partner.

Just like a date is more likely to happen when a friend makes the connection, candidates are less likely to drop out of the hiring process when a staffing partner is involved. Your staffing partner offers another source of communication and transparency. Staffing partners are also invested in the process – like a caring friend, they want to know how things are progressing and how they can help everyone succeed.

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