Why You Should Think Twice About Ghosting an Interview

At times, ghosting an interviewer can be tempting. You’re unhappy with the recruitment process; you’re uncertain about the employer; or you’re simply overwhelmed with other tasks. It’s just one little slip. What can it hurt?

In fact, ghosting an employer can cost you a lot more than one interview.

Here are three reasons why a quick “Thanks, but I won’t be there” email beats ghosting – every time.

You’re already in this.

If you’re thinking about ghosting an interview, that means you’ve already scheduled an interview. The employer has set aside time to focus on you. They are waiting for you to show up.

Whenever possible, turn down the interview rather than scheduling it only to ghost. “Thanks, but this isn’t the right fit for me” or “Thanks, but I’ve found something else” are both polite ways to signal you won’t be at an interview – and they free the interviewer to focus on other candidates.

Say goodbye to future opportunities.

If you’ve ever been ghosted while dating, you know how much it stings. Whether you blame yourself or the other person, your conclusion is the same: I’m not giving them a second chance!

Employers have the same reaction when a candidate ghosts an interview. The employer could only guess at many of your qualities, but they know one thing for certain: This person can’t be trusted to keep their promises. 

It’s not just you and the employer.

Ghosting an interviewer may feel as if it’s only hurting you and the employer. Yet there may be third parties you’re hurting as well.

If you worked with a recruiter, for example, your recruiter’s trust in you also suffers when you ghost an interviewer. Just like you’d hesitate to recommend a friend who never shows up, your recruiter doesn’t want to recommend a candidate (you) if you don’t show up.

Even if you didn’t work with a recruiter, news of your interview ghosting habits might not stay between you and the interviewer. Hiring managers talk to their colleagues, and it’s possible they’ll mention how you disappeared without so much as a “Thanks but no thanks.”

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