Can a Staffing Agency Really Reduce Your Time to Hire?

In a tight candidate market, time to hire is more important than ever. The longer an employer takes to make a hiring decision, the more likely it is that the best candidates will slip through their fingers – and fill roles at competing companies.

Hiring teams are under pressure to demonstrate their ROI. One way to do so is to show that you’ve streamlined the hiring process without sacrificing candidate quality. Here’s how a staffing partner can help.

Your staffing partner can take on the tedious tasks. 

The first way that staffing firms help reduce time to hire is by taking on high-volume, low-value tasks. While your staffing partner filters through resumes and contacts references, you and your team can focus on identifying the skills and experience necessary for the role – and on having the interview conversations that help you identify the right candidates.

Your staffing partner knows how to find hidden talent. 

Fact: The most qualified people for the job won’t respond to your job postings – because they’re too busy working.

Yet not everyone who is currently working in the field is off the table. Many current working professionals are “passive” candidates. They aren’t looking for a new job, but if they hear about the right opening, they’re interested in learning more.

It’s tough for employers to find these passive candidates, but it’s easy for recruiters to do so – because recruiters specialize in building and maintaining these relationships. Your staffing partner can introduce you to top talent you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Your staffing partner specializes in streamlining the process. 

What best practices really reduce time to hire, and how do they work?

Learning this information requires additional time and effort for most hiring teams. Yet staffing firms make it their business to understand why time to hire drags on and how to streamline that process. They know how to coordinate meetings, set schedules, and align tasks so that you have the information you need at every stage.

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