3 Ways the Workforce is Shifting in 2022

2022 poses new and unprecedented challenges for employers. Rising from the unexpected global crises of 2020 and 2021, 2022 and coming years will see rapid change in the way workers and businesses relate to one another – change that has a profound impact on hiring and staffing.

Here are three major changes ahead and how workers can use these changes to their advantage.

Workers can ask for more responsibility – and expect to get it. 

Businesses in every industry are facing two serious shortages: A shortage of people and a shortage of skills.

Workers can take advantage of these shortages by filling the gaps. By building skills, staff members make themselves indispensable to their teams, managers, and companies. As they build skills, these workers can offer to fill leadership roles as soon as opening appear.

In a shifting economy, you don’t need to wait for a promotion to move ahead – you can ask for one.

Workers want a say in where the company is headed and how it gets there.

2020 demanded that people across the globe pull together to protect community health and defeat a common enemy: the COVID-19 virus. Many of us emerged from the pandemic with a renewed sense of the value of teamwork and collaborative effort. And many workers brought that renewed sense back to the job.

If you want to be more involved in company goal-setting and strategy, you’re not alone. Talk to your colleagues to get a sense of how those around you want to be more involved. Work out actionable ways you can do so, and seek meaningful opportunities for collaboration and leadership.

Workers can use loyalty to their advantage.

Employers call it the “Great Resignation.” Workers know it’s more of a “Great Reshuffling” – and that sometimes it’s necessary to take a new job in order to get the pay and benefits that match your skills and experience.

If you love where you currently work, though, you can use the Great R to your advantage without having to seek a new job. Leverage loyalty by researching options elsewhere and demonstrating your actual value. A recruiter can help you make this case.

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