How Important is a LinkedIn Profile When Applying for New Jobs?

LinkedIn made its name as the only social media site dedicated solely to professional development. Today, it’s often the first stop for hiring managers who want to know more about a job applicant.

No matter what job or industry you want to work in, it’s useful to create and update your LinkedIn profile and here’s why:

1. Many companies now see LinkedIn as a resume equal.

LinkedIn offers several advantages over traditional paper resumes. It allows you to include your entire work experience, rather than limiting yourself to one page. It also allows you to highlight skills and connections in a way a paper resume doesn’t.

For these reasons, many hiring managers take LinkedIn every bit as seriously as a traditional resume.

2. LinkedIn offers an easy way to get to know an applicant.

A job application can only tell an employer so much about your skills, background, experience, and passions. LinkedIn offers a way to round out this view. With one click, hiring managers can learn more about you as a professional.

In this way, LinkedIn offers hiring managers a better understanding of the person they’re planning to interview. A complete LinkedIn profile makes it more likely you’ll be offered an interview – and more likely that the interview questions will focus on meaningful topics.

3. LinkedIn gives you access to a world of work opportunities.

LinkedIn originally aimed its services at skilled workers, professionals, and executives. Today, however, businesses have discovered that LinkedIn allows them to share information, build networks, and make connections with workers of all kinds, in all roles.

A LinkedIn profile puts your social media skills to use. Your profile demonstrates that you’re interested in your career and your future. It helps you find new roles and opportunities. LinkedIn also hosts thousands of job postings that don’t appear on Indeed or other sites – giving you access to roles that other job-seekers won’t even see, let alone apply for.

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