Considering a Career As a Welder? 3 Reasons Why Welding is a Smart Career Choice

Welding is a great career field for hardworking, detail-oriented people who enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

Here are three reasons to consider welding as you examine your career options:

1. You won’t have to spend years in college.

Most welding positions don’t require a college degree. While some training is required, many employers will offer training on the job or help you complete the classes you need.

Welding can be a great career choice for those who learn by doing, as well. If you do your best learning hands-on, welding might be the right career for you.

2. Canada will always need welders.

The large number of job openings for welders in Ontario and other provinces is proof that welding skills are in high demand. As construction and manufacturing expands, demand for welders continues to grow as well. Chances are good that you’ll find a job opening with a company that offers a good fit.

Welding is an ancient skill that has stood the test of time. The earliest examples of welding are over 2,000 years old! Today, welding is a basic component of a vast array of manufacturing and construction jobs. While many jobs come and go, welding remains in demand.

3. It’s a career that will continue to grow.

Welding careers offer plenty of room for growth. As you learn new skills, you’ll be able to take on new jobs and tackle new challenges. You’ll have the opportunity to apply for new roles and move up the career ladder at your own pace.

In welding, pay is often closely related to skills. As you gain more skills, you’ll also gain the opportunity to increase your pay through regular raises. For those who enjoy learning more about their trade or craft, welding offers a lifetime of skill-building, and the chance to get paid to do it.

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