Looking to Land Top Talent in 2023? Don’t Wait Until January

The holidays can be a tempting time to place hiring aside. There are end of year reports to complete, vacation schedules to juggle, and your own family holidays to plan.

Don’t stop looking for new talent at the end of the year. If you do, it will put yourself and your company at a disadvantage. Here’s why.

1. Applications slow down…but those you do receive are more interested.

Job-seekers face the same temptation to put their search aside during the holidays. Many take a holiday vacation from their job hunt, assuming that employers aren’t looking for new candidates anyway.

Job-seekers that stick with the search, however, do so because they’re more interested and more committed to finding the right fit. They want to find a place they can thrive more than they want to take a couple weeks off. When you reach out to these job-seekers, you communicate that you’re interested in their skills as well – and that you can offer them the fit they seek.

2. An ounce of planning is worth a pound of scrambling.

Everyone takes time off during the holidays. By starting your hiring process now, you can plan around various out of office schedules. You won’t be stuck trying to track down your hiring team at a crucial moment – and you’ll be able to keep top candidates interested by communicating exactly when they can expect to hear from you.

3. Address problems as you spot them.

As you draft end of year reports and prepare for performance evaluations, you’re likely to spot potential problem areas or patterns, such as a skills gap or flagging performance. While these issues are still fresh in your mind, look for candidates with the skills and ability to help your team and company address these potential problem areas. You’ll be able to choose among candidates with more confidence, knowing that you’re looking from a newly-informed perspective regarding what your team will need in the coming year.

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