A Few Ways to Promote Employee Mental Health During the Winter Months

Winter in Canada is a wonderland of ice and snow…and it’s also dark, bleak, and dreary at times. After the rush of the holidays, your team may find themselves in a mid-winter slump.

To help your team stay healthy, focus on both mind and body.

Here are three ways to promote your employees’ mental health through the winter months.

1. To boost mental health, boost physical activity.

Winter tends to slow down our physical activity. The outdoors becomes a less inviting place, and the weather encourages us to huddle up. When we stop moving, however, we reduce our body’s natural production of endorphins, which can kick-start a spiral downward into a bleaker mood.

Encourage your team to move their bodies in ways they enjoy this season. Look into group activities like yoga classes or ice skating. On sunny days, take a walk outdoors to get some much-needed Vitamin D.

2. Get in the light.

Full-spectrum light is harder to come by in winter, especially in northern areas. Yet exposure to sunlight is linked to a number of health benefits, from increases in serotonin production to more Vitamin D, which regulates both mood and pain signals.

Full-spectrum lights can help replace some of the sun’s presence in our lives. Try full-spectrum light bulbs in the office, or encourage team members to make use of their own full-spectrum desk lamps. Also, share information on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition that is often sensitive to light levels.

3. Build a community.

The holidays turn many people’s thoughts toward their communities. Take advantage of this trend by engaging in team-building activities that both build your team’s internal community and help them help others. Working at a food bank, soup kitchen, or gift drive are examples of ways to bring people together, turn their focus toward a common cause, and do some good for the communities that support you and your business.

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