Why Doing Research on a Company is Essential When Applying to Positions

Blind dates are the subject of comedies for a reason: They’re awkward, often hilarious, and frequently produce unexpected results.

Failing to research a company before you apply is like setting yourself up on a blind date. You may have a sense of adventure, but you’re also putting yourself through more stress than you need – and you may not even like the results.

Here’s why doing research on a company is essential when applying to positions.

1. Is the company a good fit for you?

No matter how much you love your work, you’ll enjoy it less if you work for a company that doesn’t offer a good fit for you. Research companies to find out:

  • How they create work teams,
  • How the company supports employee growth, learning, and advancement,
  • How the company treats deadlines, vacation time, and other expectations.

All of these factors can either support your best work or undermine it. Research helps you avoid wasting time by applying to an employer who won’t support your efforts.

2. What does it pay – really?

Pay information can be difficult to find – but it’s impossible to find if you don’t even look.

By researching a company, you learn more about how it compensates its employees. You also learn what salary ranges to expect in the industry and how to argue in favor of higher pay when you have the skills to match.

3. What do its current and former employees say?

Every employee review of a company is a personal opinion. Many of these opinions, however, are informed by direct personal and professional experience with an organization. Read a range of reviews to get a sense of the overall tone of company employees. Also, don’t dismiss those who have quit – while some may merely be upset, others may express legitimate reasons they left the organization.

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