Having Issues With Quiet Quitting? Here Are a Few Tips to Prevent This Trend

“Quiet quitting” has been making headlines in Canada and the United States, as more workers reconsider their job descriptions – and stick to them. Here’s what employers need to know to keep their teams and businesses healthy.

What is “quiet quitting”?

“Quiet quitting” is the practice of doing only what the role’s job description demands – nothing more, nothing less.

Among union workers, this practice is also known as “work to rule.” It’s used to highlight work situations in which the demands on workers are so disproportionate to the needs of the job or the workers’ capacities that those demands are burning workers out.

Here are three ways to address quiet quitting:

If you’re seeing a slowdown in productivity or a lapse in engagement due to quiet quitting, here are three steps that can help your team reverse course.

Review job descriptions

If your team members are all doing exactly what’s in their job description but key tasks aren’t getting done, double-check those descriptions. There’s a good chance that they’re out of date. Assign tasks thoughtfully, so that essential tasks are done and obsolete tasks are no longer expected.

Address the causes of disengagement

People want work that engages, challenges, and interests them. Signs of “quiet quitting” offer an opportunity to find out why your teams are checking out – and how to provide them with the challenges they need and want. Communicate with your teams and look for changes that could restore their interest in work.

Shore up the team

 If everyone on your team does exactly what’s in their job description, but key tasks don’t get done, you have one of two problems: Either there’s a skills gap on your team or you don’t have the people you need for the growth you’ve experienced.

Both of these situations can be addressed through hiring. Talk to an experienced recruiter to find new talent, fill skills gaps, or bring in the support you need in critical times without breaking your hiring budget.

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