A Year In Review: EPC’s Top 5 Blogs of 2022

2023 is here, but we’re not entering the new year without a few of the staffing secrets we picked up in 2022.

Here’s a look back at five of our top blog posts from 2022 – full of advice and ideas for starting the next year strong.

Having Issues With Quiet Quitting? Here’s a Few Tips to Prevent This Trend

“Quiet quitting” happens when overworked, burnt-out employees decide to fulfill the exact terms of their job description – and nothing else. Here’s how employers can reverse the trend.

Recession-Proofing Your Company: 3 Tips Every Business Should Know

Talk of a recession on the way in 2023 has businesses scrambling to shore up their defenses and weather the storm ahead. Here are three steps every company should take in the process of preparing for tough economic times.

Get the Employees You Need: Develop and Follow a Workforce Plan

Whether 2023 brings an economic recession or further growth, one thing remains constant: Businesses need the right people and skills to meet their goals. In this blog post, we explore how workforce planning allows businesses to connect with the right talent at the right time.

How Far Ahead Do the Best Managers Plan Their Hiring Outlook?

Lack of planning leads to a multitude of struggles in the hiring process, from failing to attract the right applicants to losing top candidates somewhere along the way. Planning your hiring outlook can address these issues – but how much planning is enough, and how much is too much? We look at how top managers approach hiring to provide expert tips.

How Might a Recruitment Agency Help You Save Money During the Hiring Process?

Economic downturns, inflation, a “Great Resignation,” quiet quitting – 2022’s top hiring headlines made many hiring managers feel uncertain. The number one question on everyone’s mind? How these trends affect staffing costs. In this blog post, we explored the ways that a relationship with an experienced recruiting firm can help companies save costs without sacrificing access to top talent.

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