Decluttering Your Workspace: Start the New Year Off on the Right Foot

A new year means a fresh start – but sometimes, you and your team need a little help making that fresh start stick. One of the easiest ways to start off the new year on the right foot is to declutter and organize the workspace.

Here’s Why You Should Organize Your Workspace:¬†

Research indicates that a decluttered, organized workspace offers several benefits for workers and businesses, including:

Improved Concentration 

Less clutter means fewer distractions, while better organization means less time spent searching for the tools and info needed to do the job.

Reduced Stress Levels

Being able to find exactly what you need when you need it reduces stress. Your team can focus on their work rather than feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

Decreased Accident Risks

Clutter and disorganization increase the risk of accidents and injuries. When everything is in its place, the risk of harm goes down.

Decluttering at Work: A Quick-Start Guide

Every workspace is different, yet all workspaces benefit from a clear-headed approach to organization. To launch your team’s decluttering and organization efforts, focus on the following.

Focus on what each person needs for the job.

If it’s not needed, it doesn’t need to be in the workspace. Find these items their own home elsewhere.

Think Practical

Items that are regularly used in one area should be stored in that area. Organize drawers and cabinets so that everything they contain is visible – or place labels on drawers and cabinets so teams know what they contain without having to open them.

Tame Cables

Cords and cables cause visual clutter that can be stressful. They can also increase the risk of a trip and fall or other injury. Use zip ties, cable sleeves, and similar tools to keep cords and cables in check.

Make it easy to recycle or trash unneeded items. 

Clutter may pile up if your team has to take a long walk to the recycling bin or trash containers. Make it easy for teams to dispose of items in the proper way.

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