How to Encourage Good Attendance On Your Team

To meet your business goals, you need your team members to show up on time, every time. Absenteeism and chronic lateness not only slow down work, they also undermine the morale of others on the team.

Here’s how to encourage your team members to meet their attendance expectations.

Explain What Good Attendance Looks Like

Your teams can’t meet your attendance expectations if they don’t know what those expectations are. Start by communicating the importance of proper attendance – and what “proper” attendance looks like:

  • Give your teams clear steps to follow when they need to call off work or request leave.
  • Explain the negative effects of poor attendance on their co-workers, customers, and the company.
  • Create clear policies in the employee handbook.

Stay Alert to the Causes of Poor Attendance

Whether it’s one person or several, chronic poor attendance often points to a larger problem. Conflicts on the team, problems with the work itself, or family and personal issues can all lead to lateness or calling out.

Talk to individual employees about their attendance. Determine whether absences are protected by applicable laws, and work with employees to create a plan for improving the situation. Only use disciplinary measures as a last resort.

Train Managers and Supervisors to Promote Good Attendance

Managers and supervisors have a direct role to play in encouraging and supporting good attendance on their teams. Make sure those who lead your work teams know:

  • Where to find copies of the company’s policies for attendance and leave.
  • How to apply these policies when evaluating an individual employee’s attendance record.
  • What to do when an employee calls off work or requests leave – both to record the event and to communicate with the employee and team.
  • How to document absences and tardiness to track a pattern of behavior. These records should also include information on what the manager or supervisor has done to address the issue before disciplinary action is taken.

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