Three Lucrative Industries for Canadian Workers In 2023

With talk of a recession looming, many Ontario job-seekers wonder where they can build a career that thrives despite the economic climate.

Here are three industries that offer competitive pay, strong benefits, and an outlook designed to last through the latest economic headlines.


The job outlook for welders is bright as construction and manufacturing remain steadfast parts of the Canadian economy. Welders continue to gain skills and develop their abilities throughout their careers, making welding an excellent choice for those who learn by doing and take pride in their work.

Demand for welders in Canada is expected to continue to increase. On the job training and excellent benefits encourage job-seekers to consider welding as a career. Workers with experience in general labor, construction, or manufacturing have a familiarity with these environments that can give them a boost into a welding career.

Customer Service

Customer service remains an essential part of every Canadian business. Current job market predictions indicate that more customer service roles will be available through the 2020s than skilled candidates to fill them – which gives customer service professionals the chance to choose the role and employer they want most. Customer service skills, like time management and conflict resolution, are in high demand.

Financial Services

From managing accounts payable to serving as a financial analyst, roles in financial services form the backbone of business ventures – and companies know it. That’s why hiring in nearly every financial-related role remains strong. Canadian businesses are willing to work to find the right candidates for these roles and to train them for long-term success with the organization.

Roles that are likely to see continued growth and opportunities for advancement in upcoming years include:

  • Payroll services and administration,
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable administration,
  • Data entry in financial work,
  • Financial analysts, accountants, and advisors.

As you learn one role in financial services, opportunities open up to transition to new roles and challenges – making this field a promising one for a lifelong career.

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