How Can I Improve Employee Productivity With My Team?

Productivity is a major question on the minds of business leaders, especially in the face of remote work, a pending recession, and other disruptions.

Here are five proven ways to boost productivity and engagement on your work teams.

Improve Transparency

One of the best ways to boost productivity is to improve transparency. Teams that don’t have access to key information have trouble aligning their work with that of other teams. Workers don’t know where to focus their efforts for maximum impact – increasing the chances that they will squander productive time on efforts that don’t matter to the ultimate goal.

Align Your Business’s Values, Mission, and Vision

Companies with clear, aligned core missions, visions and values give their teams the necessary frameworks to supercharge productivity. When teams fully understand company strategy and their place in it, they can focus on what matters – and avoid wasting time on what does not.

Use Collaborative Goal-Setting

Productive teams not only understand the company’s goals but also understand how their own work aligns with those goals. Use collaborative goal-setting by encouraging employees to define their own KPIs within the context of the team’s and company’s goals, mission, vision, and values. Doing so creates a sense of ownership, boosting engagement with key goals.

Involve Employees in Defining Their Experience

Employee experience is directly tied to employee engagement and productivity. One of the best ways to improve the employee experience is to engage workers in the process of building that experience. Use engagement surveys to better understand employees’ experiences and needs.

Offer Continuous Feedback for a Stronger Experience

Productivity can falter when employees don’t know whether they’re working on the right project or performing work in the most effective way. Reduce uncertainty and its damage to productivity with continuous feedback. Continuous feedback also encourages workers to innovate and experiment, since the risks of failure are lower when workers have ongoing support.

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