With 2013 Budget, Ontario Looks to Create Jobs in Smaller Communities and Municipalities

May 2013 was an important month for small communities in Ontario.

The Ontario government recently announced a series of new projects to help smaller urban municipalities grow their economies. The initiatives are designed to create jobs and improve the quality of everyday life in small communities.

In addition the job creation programs, Ontario’s 2013 budget also includes a fund for municipal roads, bridges and other high-traffic infrastructure in small, rural and Northern municipalities in Ontario.

Here are the main facts that you should know about recent government job creation in Ontario’s small communities and municipalities.

  • Since October 2012, the government has allocated $15 million through the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund. This has leveraged a total investment of nearly $120 million, and helped create and retain over 2,000 Ontario jobs.
  • Since 2008, more than 60 million jobs have been created through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, leveraging a total investment of over $500 million. These investments have created and protected over 14,000 jobs in Eastern Ontario.
  • Recently, the government also increased the annual funding for the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to $100 million and maintained this level of funding in 2012-13. This investment has helped support job creation and strengthened the overall economy in Northern Ontario communities.

The 2013 Ontario budget will build upon these recent investments and help to continue creating, developing and protecting jobs in all of Ontario’s small cities and municipalities.

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