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Tips for Handling Canada’s Younger Workforce Employment Professionals Canada

Protect Yourself from Potential Scams

Fraudulent individuals representing themselves as Recruiters from Employment Professionals Canada are contacting individuals through Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Tic Toc offering remote work. Be wary

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Career Advice

Are you destined to be a leader?

After years of skill building and hard work, you’re finally ready to move up the ladder and be promoted to a management position. But do

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HR Tips and Tools

Candidate Experience is Trending

Here’s what businesses need to know: Candidate experience – or how a job seeker perceives an employer during the early stages of the recruitment and

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Changing Workplaces Review

Recruitment Through the Ages

Employment Professionals Canada is the longest-standing employment agency in the Niagara Region. For over 30 years, we’ve connected thousands of job seekers and companies, helping

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