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Will Artificial Intelligence replace hiring managers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making headlines with tools like ChatGPT, available to anyone with a mobile phone and the Internet.

In the HR world, AI-based platforms find candidates by scouring job boards on the web. AI chatbots can perform tasks including resume screening, assisting the interview process by facilitating video interviews and even asking and analyzing answers to questions.

With all of this technology, will AI replace hiring teams?

The answer is: no, not right now. And likely only if machines can perfect human interaction and develop genuine emotions, which is probably never.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “A man is only as good as his tools,” which means you need the proper tool to get jobs done – this is especially true when attempting to fix a leaky faucet without a wrench. However, it’s also true that a tool is only as good as the person using it.

Finding, recruiting and retaining talent requires the skills of experienced professionals working alongside technology, such as AI. A successful hiring process combines real-world experience and human connection complemented by technology.

Our Human Resources professionals actively listen to understand our clients’ goals. We use the latest tools and technology to screen, interview and vet job seekers, and our team provides empathy and connection, a combination that offers an unbeatable candidate experience.

If you need help finding the right people for your business, contact us to discuss your staffing needs. If you’re a job seeker, check out these tips from our Recruiter, Olivia, on preparing for a video interview or submit your resume to our job board.