Starting Your Own Business? We Can Help.

Starting a new business is an exciting time – and also a stressful one. You want your new business to take off quickly, but when it does, you’ll need to cover the demands of your customers and ensure your staff are skilled and ready to perform. 

This is where we shine. Over the years, Employment Professionals Canada (EPC) has helped start-ups and other businesses from the ground up with their staffing and Human Resource needs – and we are great at what we do. Our experienced HR team at EPC can also help you navigate hiring and employment law. 

Here are three ways we can help make your work easier:

1. We’ll help you find the people you need when you need them.

Leaders can feel uncertain about addressing staffing needs when new businesses grow rapidly. EPC can connect you to qualified temporary, contract, and temp-to-hire workers, so you don’t need to hire full-time initially. Access to these workers gives you the flexibility to determine precisely what sort of staffing your business needs.

2. We’ll help you save time by taking the lead on the hiring process

Hiring is a time-consuming business. When dealing with your business’s needs, you may wonder when you’ll have time to look at resumes or talk to references.

When you partner with us, we vet resumes, speak to references, and acquire the most qualified candidates. You can focus on your business’s immediate needs and leave the rest to us.

3. We’ll make onboarding seamless and efficient.

EPC offers candidate onboarding and training when needed (Health and Safety and AODA).  Our process ensures new hires have the necessary information and can start contributing as soon as possible.

Contact us today to speak to us about your specific needs and to learn more.