What Is a Weld Locator?

Many workplaces today can be highly complex. New roles within companies are constantly being added to assist with their success.  Alongside jobs that sound familiar to job-seekers are roles that you may not recognize. These jobs often sound intriguing, but they may also seem unfamiliar.

One role you may be curious about is a “Weld Locator”. You might consider how a weld locator is different from a “Welder”.

When you understand the day in the life of a weld locator, you can decide whether applying for the role fits your work goals.

What Do Weld Locators Do?

Weld locators inspect the work done by welders in a shop or other settings. They examine the work, identify where the welding is located, and evaluate the condition and quality of the weld.

Weld locators’ work is especially valuable when the original welding is done by a machine. While human welders can often spot and address mistakes as they work, machines do not have this ability. Companies rely on weld locators to step in for quality control and identify situations in which a machined weld may not do the job intended.

In addition to inspecting welds, weld locators may also inspect equipment and machinery. They may assist with cleaning or machinery repairs as well.

Weld locators are expected to communicate regularly with machine operators, supervisors, and other team members to report problems and find solutions.

What Do I Need to Know to Be a Weld Locator? 

A weld locator is typically an entry-level position. A specific knowledge of welding is not required. However, most employers do expect weld locators to have general education. Applying to a weld locator opening is a great option to consider if you’re looking to start your career in the welding industry.

In Ontario, employers typically require weld locators to have an Ontario secondary school diploma or an equivalent certification from another province. Weld locators must also pass a criminal reference check and provide proof of vaccination when required.

Availability is a must for weld locators. The ability to work 12-hour shifts, to work any day of the week, and to start work immediately can set a candidate apart from others.

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