What is it like to work with Employment Professionals Canada?

Showing Our Strength


We are happy to recommend Employment Professionals Canada for the high-quality service. In addition to the quality of their service, EPC ensures their clients receive 24-hour service, their prices are also competitive and better than the other companies doing business in the same field. We have been using the services of EPC for the last 15 years and have never faced serious issues. We strongly recommend EPC for all your recruitment requirements.

Carol B. – Environmental Manager

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your agency for the first time and I would not hesitate to recommend EPC or working with you in the future. Thank you for your professionalism, time and dedication to the process.

Stephanie D. – Manager of Human Resources, Agency Relations & Security, Niagara Falls Bridge Commission

Anyone in business can attest to the fact that recruiting can be time-consuming and challenging at best! EPC has made the process so much easier for us many times over the years. They’ve been and continue to be a reliable resource for us. We appreciate their professionalism and the valued employees that they have brought to us. I would confidently recommend their services to any business. Thanks, EPC!

Michelle S. – Human Resources Coordinator

We’ve had great experiences with all the people we’ve had work here who have come to us from Employment Professionals Canada. Some of these people have gone on to become permanent full-time employees. We always look for employees that are consistent, show up on time, who are eager and willing to do what’s asked of them and we always find that with EPC. I would absolutely recommend their service to anyone who needs it.

Penny A. – Office Manager

Employment Professionals Canada has been a wonderful partner to help fill our employment needs. They have taken their time to understand our company’s culture and needs, and that is evident in the quality of people they recommend to us. Every request is handled in a timely manner. The team at EPC is wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who requires their service.

Walter S. – Project Manager

I had a great experience with them. Everyone is professional and very nice. They got me out to jobs in my field quickly and I am still at one of the jobs 2 years later. I even feel comfortable going back to them for advice. They had a genuine concern about finding me a job as soon as I needed one. I am extremely grateful for their help.

Alana P. – Former Employee

Friendly service, good training they really pick the job for you, good place to work. The staff helps you out if you have any questions or concerns and they really follow privacy and safety.

Former Employee

Employment Professionals Canada is a great way to get a starting job and get the experience you need as a newbie to work. You get as much help as you need and they’re always willing to answer any questions that people have. They’re a great place to go to and work with.

Former Employee

EPC is a great place to go through for finding a full-time job. The people I dealt with were great and helped me out with everything I needed to get a new job. If I ever need help again I’ll be going back to EPC for sure.

Robert B. – Former Employee

In February 2017, I was contacted by EPC for an admin position with a company in Niagara Falls. I accepted the position and was employed there for three months. Unfortunately, the job was not a fit for me and I decided to end the placement. EPC was very understanding about my decision and acted in my best interests always when dealing with the company.

In December 2017, I reached out to EPC for her assistance. A Niagara Falls company had offered me a permanent position, but decided that instead of hiring me directly, they would prefer to go through an agency.

Without hesitation, I recommended EPC to them. They agreed, and the company’s HR department was in contact with staff to make arrangements for EPC to handle my contract. All the staff are truly employment professionals and I would highly recommend them.

Lydia Ma. – Former Employee

I was working at a company for close to 26 years in Alberta when I moved to another branch in Sarnia. I was put at the bottom of a union list. I would get the table scraps of what the guys didn’t want. It was four hours here, four hours there. That didn’t work for me because I was hungry to make money. EPC was like a lottery cheque for me when I needed to find work. They helped me out when I needed some things to go on and she kept me going. For EPC, I am there for them. It was a blessing in disguise. I can’t thank the staff enough. The people I work with today are fantastic.

Louis A. – Former Employee