CASE STUDY: Employment Professionals Canada Supports Organizations through expansion

For more than three decades, Employment Professionals Canada has been supporting startups and business expansions, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive. Here’s how EPC assisted a local organization in opening its doors within 30 days and tripling its workforce within the first year: 


When researching the local marketplace, EPC discovered that an alternative energy company was planning to open their doors within a month. Upon connecting, EPC identified that they required a workforce planning strategy that would enable them to meet their operational goals. Additionally, EPC recognized that its current structure needed to include some critical legislative requirements.


The company required a customized workforce planning strategy based on best practices that ensured legislative compliance to hire and onboard approximately 100 employees within a quick 30-day timeframe.


EPC provided the client with a comprehensive plan to accomplish their business goals. The plan included:

  • An analysis of the regional economy and labour market statistics to help the client make informed decisions for their business.
  • In-depth professional consultation on critical human resource legislative requirements.
  • A workforce planning strategy that identified the skillsets required to create a high-performing team, and incentives to help attract talent.
  • A custom employee handbook that included policies and procedures for operation.

Additionally, EPC took charge of the company’s current recruitment needs by advertising jobs, hosting job fairs, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training staff.


Within the month, EPC was able to effectively source, interview, hire and onboard an entire team of 100, including skilled tradespeople, engineers and executives. This ensured the client had what they needed to operate their business within its ideal timeframe successfully. Throughout this thriving partnership, EPC continued to help expand the organization’s team to 350 employees within the first year of business and provided expert consultation to support the organization’s growing needs.

Employment Professionals Canada has the expertise to create a specialized formula for international and local companies, regardless of industry. Our business expands beyond professional consultation and recruitment. We can create customized training videos and employee handbooks and develop industry-specific policies and procedures to help your business thrive.

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