The Insider’s Guide to Leveraging Your 2015 Staffing Budget

Staffing consumes a major portion of your company’s operating expenses, so it’s wise to carefully allocate and optimize your annual recruitment budget. Spend the remaining days of this year leveraging your resources so your HR plans are in alignment with your organization’s goals for the year ahead.

Helpful Considerations

Keep these considerations on your radar screen as you lay the groundwork for hiring success in 2015:

  • Know what’s in store for your industry. Pay attention to analysts and insiders, including the market intelligence offered by your staffing partner. What trends are forecast for your industry – and where does your company fit in? Keep your mind open to various staffing options including temps or temp-to-hire in order to fulfill next year’s planned initiatives.
  • Do you anticipate attrition? If you’re like most companies, an increasing number of baby boomers are reaching retirement age. Consider them, along with any potential “flight risks.” Does your strategy involve replacing them or eliminating their positions from your headcount?
  • Finalize your strategy. Know where you can best recruit from – colleges and trade schools, competitors or other industry sources. And know your tactics, starting with your company website and career page and encompassing social and mobile media as well as person-to-person referrals.

How to Best Invest Your Resources

Your people make or break your business. Be sure to optimize the use of your funds as you land top talent in the new year.

  • Your social media approach is critical. If you could budget for only one recruitment tool in 2015, your best bet would be building and maintaining your social platform. Your careers page must be user friendly, allowing immediate access to job opportunities, quick response, and ongoing interaction with candidates from start to finish. Start there. Extend to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and a range of other venues that hit your target audiences.
  • Go mobile. Your social media, website, job postings and emails all should have mobile apps for candidates to view information and communications anytime, anywhere.
  • Strengthen your employment brand. This is the experience of candidates and employees, and how they communicate it to others in their networks and communities. Strengthen it by building a strong, attractive corporate culture. Components include individually tailored benefits, recognition, and an ongoing commitment to your employees’ career advancement.
  • Build a talent pipeline. You should always be recruiting, creating and maintaining a pool of qualified candidates who are ready when you need them.

Your Staffing Firm Can Help

A professional recruitment firm that specializes in your industry can help you excel – with the candidates, resources, expertise and knowledge you need to source and staff efficiently, strategically and successfully. To learn more, contact Employment Professionals Canada today.