Don’t Just Sit Back! How to Get More from Your Job Search Efforts

No one will take your job search as seriously as you do. iStock_000012714219_LargeWhether you are unemployed and can look for a new position full time or are currently employed and must conduct your search around your working hours, you must be strategic and proactive.

Be selective. The goal is to get a job. There is no contest to see who sends out the most resumes. When you hear someone say they sent out three hundred resumes, you have to wonder, “Really? You found three hundred jobs to apply for that fit your unique qualifications at employers where you want to work?” The key to a productive job search is to tightly target your efforts to the most suitable opportunities for you.

Identify target employers. You know where you want to work. Maybe you think they’re too hard to get into, but it’s okay to dream big – after all, this is your career we’re talking about. Start with five to ten ideal employers. Study them closely. Analyze their websites. Does their style seem casual and approachable? Professional and serious? Make sure that any interactions you have with them mirror that style.

Check out social media. Look at the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts belonging to your target employers. Do they have any job fairs coming up? Public events, like presentations or open houses where you could introduce yourself to hiring managers? Look at their connections or people who like their pages to see if you know anyone who works there and can offer you an inside track on any pending opportunities.

Network like it’s your job. You’ve identified where you want to work and uncovered a few people who may be able to help. It’s time to cast a wider net. Speak to the connections you’ve established to see if they can offer any insights or introduce you to decision makers. Let your friends and family know the employers you have targeted. You may be surprised who they know.

Track your efforts. Create a spreadsheet or start a notebook where you can keep company names, contacts, dates when you sent resumes, interview dates, when to follow up. Keep everything you need to know in one place so you won’t lose track of what you’ve done. Organization is your friend when you take a strategic approach to your search.

Work with a staffing agency. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when it comes to your career.  Recruiting firms like Employment Professionals Canada can help you polish your resume and brush up your interviewing skills. They work alongside Ontario employers and can help get your resume in front of them. They may be able to place you in a temporary assignment where you can impress your target employer on the job. Contact Employment Professionals Canada today to get started.