Don’t Go at It Alone: Why You Should Work with a Recruiting Firm

It’s not easy to find a new job. Even when the market is in your favour, it consumes a lot of time and energy and distracts you from other responsibilities. Networking, scouring the job ads, making time for interviews can take hours every week. A recruiting firm can perform the legwork for you while you focus on your job or personal and family obligations.

Why Work With A Recruiting Firm:

Confidential Search

If you are currently employed, you have limited time in which to search. It’s essential your current position doesn’t suffer and that your current company doesn’t learn you are looking for a new job before you are prepared to give notice.

Employer Relationships

Recruiters spend years getting to know the hiring managers at the companies they work with. They know about not just jobs that are posted now, but also opportunities that may be in the planning stages. They can get your resume in front of the right person, giving you a much better chance of success than someone who responds to an ad blindly.

Insider Access

Some employers rely on recruiting firms to find candidates for them and do not post their jobs. The recruiter knows not only the skills and experience they are looking for, but also the intangible qualities that will make a candidate a great fit. These positions would be completely out of your reach otherwise.

Interview Preparation

Your recruiter can review your resume and offer suggestions to improve it or gear it toward the types of positions you are targeting. They can prepare you for typical questions you may be asked and help you develop thoughtful responses and identify good examples from your experience. They act as your advocate and “sell” you to employers.

Intelligent Insights

One of the most irritating things about job searching is you don’t know where you stand with the employer. When you work with a recruiter, this is not a problem because the interviewer will give them feedback they can share with you. If you don’t land the job, your recruiter can offer suggestions that will increase your chances of getting the next one.

Offer Negotiation

A recruiting firm can be the “bad guy” in negotiating employer offers. Many people are not comfortable negotiating and as a result, may leave money on the table. Your recruiter can act as your go-between to hammer out all the details of your compensation package. He’ll come up with a middle ground that both you and your new employer can be happy with.

At Employment Professionals Canada, we partner with job seekers to help them find the right job faster than they could have on their own. If you are looking for a partner who can help you conduct a successful, confidential job search, contact the specialized recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada today to get started.