5 Questions You Should Be Asking At Every Interview

When you are in the hot seat during a healthcare interview, it’s easy to forget that the conversation is a two-way street. Yes, the hiring manager is judging you, but an interview is also your opportunity to assess whether a job is right for you. That’s why you should take full advantage of the time during the interview when you are given the floor to ask questions. Great questions help you make an informed decision about the job, but they also show the hiring manager that you are a serious candidate who has put a lot of thought into the job. Here are five questions you should ask at the end of the interview. 

What Are Your Expectations For The First 30 Days?  

If you want to stand out for the right reasons – and get some good intel on what the job will be like – ask this question instead of, “What is a typical day like?” Everyone asks that question and in the healthcare field, there is no such thing as a typical day. By asking about expectations, you will find out what the employer will prioritize your first few weeks on the job and you will differentiate yourself from people asking typical questions.  

What Types of People Succeed Here?  

You have the skills to succeed, but success depends on a number of factors including your personal work style, values and personality. If they list attributes that sound like you, it’s likely you will succeed in the role. If they describe someone who sounds nothing like you, there is a good chance you might not feel like you fit in or can do your best work on that particular team.  

What Are The Opportunities For Development? 

Healthcare workers must keep their skills, licenses and certifications up-to-date. This question will help you understand whether the company will help you with both your required continuing education and your chosen growth and development. Do they offer tuition assistance if you want to get an advanced degree or certification? Do they promote supervisors from within? If advancing is a priority for you and the facility supports its employees in their goals, the job might be a good fit.  

Why Do You Like Working Here?  

This question can tell you a lot. First, it’s a great way to get more information about the culture of the facility. Second, it’s a great way to gauge the enthusiasm of the hiring manager. If the answer is passionate and the enthusiasm seems real, it’s a good sign. If their answer feels canned or forced, the hiring manager could be hiding something.  

Do You Have Any Reservations About My Skills or Experience? 

Asking this bold question can take courage, but it is worth it. It allows you to directly address any reservations the hiring manager may have about you and hopefully fill in any blanks or clear up any misconceptions they might have. If you don’t ask this question, you may never have a chance to fill in any blanks. 

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