3 Benefits to a Quick Onboarding Process

Onboarding has always been crucial for long-term employee success. But in the times we are living in today, efficiency has never been more important. A fast but effective onboarding process has real business benefits that can make a difference in your organization. Here are three reasons why you should make your onboarding process more efficient.

An Efficient Process Improves Productivity

A new tech employee is never as productive as a seasoned employee, no matter how skilled they may be. It takes time to get a feel for workflow and processes and there is always a learning curve and ramp-up phase that can last months. An efficient onboarding process helps new employees ramp up faster, allowing them to make valuable contributions sooner. Make sure every new hire has all of the tools, information, equipment, and support they need to succeed and to find answers to their questions as quickly as possible.

Good Onboarding Improves Retention

An employee’s first few days and weeks on the job will set the tone for their tenure with you. If the onboarding process is disorganized, too slow or nonexistent, you will have trouble retaining that employee for any length of time. A good onboarding process increases the chances a new employee will come back after their first day, stay over the course of the first 90 days and will feel part of the organizational culture.

Be sure to keep new hires busy in their first few days. Use a schedule so they don’t have to wonder what to do next, and stay on top of that schedule so you can check-in and see how things are progressing. Sticking to a schedule also ensures that the process will move much more efficiently than a process mired by disorganization.

Onboarding Strengthens Culture

On the subject of culture, a strong onboarding process helps new tech employees understand where they fit into the team and the organization as a whole. It also helps them build relationships with their new coworkers and boosts engagement.  A good onboarding process introduces a new hire to the culture, and as they find their way, they become a contributor to that culture.

Looking For More Ways To Boost Productivity and Employee Retention?

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