Did You Know A Staffing Firm Can Take The Stress Out Of Hiring?

Finding great people for your open manufacturing jobs can be a struggle. Many hiring managers feel like they are stuck on a hamster wheel, exerting all their effort, never to get ahead. The right manufacturing recruiting partner can take the stress out of hiring so you can get off that hamster wheel and focus on strategic goals.

A Staffing Firm Saves Money

Recruiting skilled, well-aligned talent is costly.  The average cost to hire an entry-level employee is around $4,000 and those costs soar when you need someone with specialized skills or you’re hiring a manager or senior-level position. Training and onboarding also cost money and you must factor in a new hire’s ramp-up period in which productivity is lost.

A staffing company’s recruiting fees are clear-cut and fixed. Further, the candidates they recommend will be skilled, vetted and aligned with your culture, meaning they have staying power. The chances that you’ll make a bad hire are lowered, further controlling hiring costs.

A Staffing Firm Saves You Time

How long does it take to write job descriptions, post them online, field incoming applications, evaluate those applications, schedule phone screens, choose candidates for in-person interviews, schedule interviews, hold interviews, rank interviewed candidates, check references, make offers and facilitate a new employee’s transition?

Your team will spend anywhere from 40 hours to 100 hours or more on recruiting activities for a single job with no guarantee that the new hire will work out. Working with a staffing company gives you back your most precious resource: time. They cut out all of the legwork and administrative tasks associated with recruiting, and they can typically deliver candidates within a few days or even a few hours.

Recruiters Keep Candidates Engaged

If you’ve ever lost out on a great candidate midway through the hiring process, the problem could lie with your timeline or with your ability to keep in contact. If you move too slowly, candidates will move on.

Recruiters move swiftly through the process, remaining in contact with their candidates and keeping them informed at every stage. The right recruiter can ensure you never lose your ideal candidate to a competitor.

Are You Ready To Take The Stress Out Of Hiring? 

Hiring is an exhaustive process that eats up time and resources. It can take weeks to find worthwhile candidates and there is the potential to lose those candidates at any moment to a competitor.

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