Importance of Including Pay Rates In Job Postings

For many years, withholding pay information from job postings was the norm. As localities across the country begin requiring employers to include pay ranges, the conversation is shifting.

Here are a few benefits of including pay rates in job postings:

They attract more candidates 

When job seekers are searching for opportunities, salary is often one of the key factors they consider. By providing salary information upfront, job postings can help candidates quickly assess if the position aligns with their salary expectations and career goals. This transparency can attract a larger pool of qualified candidates who are specifically interested in positions within the advertised salary range.

They boost engagement within their existing workforce

When employees see transparent and fair compensation information, it can foster a sense of trust and transparency within the organization. When employees have access to salary information for different positions within the organization, it helps them understand how their own compensation compares. This transparency can reduce feelings of inequity and promote a sense of fairness, leading to increased engagement.

Pay ranges work as well as specific numbers

Companies that wish to calibrate pay more closely to candidates’ skills and experience don’t have to lock themselves into a specific number. Research indicates that communicating a starting range can be as effective as sharing a specific number.

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