Tips for Handling Canada’s Younger Workforce

The eldest members of Gen Z are now in their mid-20s, and more members of this generation join the workforce each year. Employers seeking to ensure their business attracts the young talent it needs for long-term growth have developed a keen interest in what separates Gen Z from previous generations – and what has stayed the same. 

Here’s what Gen Z looks for when job-seeking:

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Members of Gen Z, born after 1996, have grown up in a fast-paced world that constantly demands new skills and creative approaches. Their approach to work reflects this understanding of the world.

Gen Z job seekers are keenly interested in continuous learning opportunities. They expect their employers to provide upskilling and reskilling options throughout their careers.

Currently, many employers lag behind Gen Z’s expectations when it comes to offering continuous learning opportunities. Even employers who offer these learning options may not focus on the skills Gen Z workers want to learn – or that every worker needs in the 21st century’s rapidly evolving work world.

Other skills Gen Z is interested in learning include:

  • Leadership skills, including communication, management, and critical thinking,
  • Technical skills, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and programming,
  • Agility-related skills, like cross-training, collaboration between departments, the chance to innovate on cross-disciplinary teams, and lifelong learning skills.

Employers who focus on offering these learning opportunities to their workforce gain an advantage over competitors who don’t offer these options. They also make themselves more attractive to job seekers, including those in Gen Z.

Who Can Help You Build a Long-Term Workforce?

Every professional knows not only their area of expertise, but also their limits. When understanding and attracting new talent falls outside your scope of expertise, talk to a staffing firm for help.

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