Ontario Looks to Add Jobs through Innovative Research Projects

Investing in research that both improves lives nationally and strengthens the local economy has long been a priority in Ontario.

A number of Toronto-area organizations recently received substantial government funding to help with the advancement of significant research projects.

At present, the Ontario government assists 17 Toronto teams in their research. They are also currently helping the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children, Ryerson University, Sunnybrook Hospital, University Health Network, the University of Toronto and York University invest in new facilities to enable groundbreaking research projects. By supporting these cutting-edge research initiatives, the Ontario Government hopes to “create good jobs, a vibrant economy and a fair society.”

What kind of research is currently being funded?

Most of the main research areas are in the life sciences field. Topics focus on the following:

  • New ways to find and treat cancer cells
  • The use of nanomaterials to harvest and store renewable energy
  • Better ways to prevent and treat inflammatory diseases
  • How to get critical new technologies to patients faster

Will this create more jobs in Ontario?

Since October 2003, Ontario employment has increased by 589,800 net jobs—and more than half of these jobs are full time. With the continued investment in the life sciences sector—which is already the second largest in North America—it looks promising that more and more jobs will continue to be created by these significant research investments.

More facts about Ontario’s investment in innovative research

  • In Toronto alone, the Ontario government is currently supporting the work of more than 1800 researchers within seven different institutions.
  • Since 2003, over 1,400 projects have received government support.
  • The Ontario Government Research Infrastructure Program has helped train over 20,000 qualified professionals in Ontario.

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